Jun. 11th, 2010

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Wow, is that a mouthful! XD But that is what this is.

Meyer released her new novella and sporkers around are snarking at this crappy piece of literature, and with good reason, but I wanted to do something different. Why? Because, unlike her other books, I enjoyed the bit of it I read. I laughed and I can't hate things that make me laugh. But the things that made me giggle throughout were because of my alternative reading.

See, before reading the darn thing I had made a series of guesses about the content, some serious while other goofy and the goofy ones seemed to be canon the more I read. I did not expect that. It was like reading Midnight Sun after reading Growing Up Cullen. Which makes me believe Meyer likes to visit forums and fanfiction.net on her spare time.

My main silly theory was that Diego is gay and Bree is too self-absorbed/ignorant to figure that out. And this is not gay bashing and I don't mean to stereotype, but it's been just my luck that my gay friends and gay cousin have some camp in them. XD Double for my cousin actually, even Jack from Will and Grace would look at him and say "Yeah, that's too much". Plus they all love to play up the campness and laugh about it with me, so it has affected my sense of humor.

This is not a close look at the text. As I said other people are doing that (zelda_queen and das_mervin are doing a great job). This is me glossing all the boring parts and focusing on the "WTF?!" bits and the "Riley/Diego are totally doing each other" parts. Why? Because it's funny to me.
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In this chapter we meet our heroes, they eat some pimp and ho and we learn that vamps are geeks.

Maybe its an opposites-attract thing )


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