Sep. 8th, 2010

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In which we have a diner with the literary equivalent of a life size barbie and emotional development gets shot dead by lazy writing.



Whatever happen to developing a relationship between your characters? )


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This is from my phone, so I'll be quick.

You know, I get rooting for a couple. I understand the desire of seeing them end together and prosper in their true love, but all to its limits.

I cannot root for two people who "need eachother to survive" to the point they are empty human beings (since that would be like rootinf for plain yogurt).

I cannot root for two unlikeable characters that just get more horrible as the story goes along.Seriously, who can root for an unfunny, unlikeable prick?

But above all I can't root for an abusive relationship. If he smacks her, she throws a dog at him, he contracts two guys to beat her up and she gets a contract to get him killed... THAT'S NOT LOVE!! It disturbs me deeply that after so much BS every female I know who watches this soap (or read books like this) would want them together. Why? Because it's true love.

Um, I'm sure love doesn't work like that. Love is frienship, respect, appreciation and kindness between two people. Love is something that deserves better than to be a justification to cheap drama. -_-;;


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