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In which Riley creeps the fuck out of me!



Last time in Evermore Miles was pressuring Ever into sleeping with the new kid who showed up yesterday and may not like her for all we know. We were supposed to agree with this because they are main characters, Ever is us by proxy and every girl out there aims to sleep with the hottest guy as school. No, I don’t care that Ever finds him hot. She still wants to avoid him, they’ve barely talked and hotness =/= wanting a relationship with somebody. Now the continuation of that.

With the play date cancelled Ever’s aunt invites her off camera to eat. Huh, six chapters and the aunt is still just mentioned. Are we going to meet her at some point? Or is she just a shadow in the story to create a semblance of control for Ever to justify the fact Ever is basically living on her own in a mansion, with expensive cars and money to spend if she wants to?

Anyway, Ever dresses up as charity for her aunt and Riley then shows up and starts gushing about how hot Ever looks. And this actually brings a problem in the story. See there was a guy in Ever’s life called Brandon and I have yet to figure out what he was. Is he her ex-friend with some interests or her ex-boyfriend? Because I know that he’s the sixth guy she kissed and calls him her boyfriend, but I know friends can end up making out and not be a couple and some quotes treat him as just that. For example:

"Seriously though, you should dress like that more often.
Because I hate to say it, but your usual look is so not
working for you. I mean, you think Brandon ever would've
gone for you if you'd dressed like that?" She crosses her
ankles and gazes at me, her posture as relaxed as a person,
living or dead, could ever be.

Maybe this is my ESL speaking here, but “you think Brannon ever would’ve gone for you” sounds like Ever wanted him but they didn’t end up as a couple. Which makes no sense because Ever was dressing like this when she met Brandon and they were a couple. It would make more sense if Brandon would have stopped being around Ever when she changed her style to hoodies. Except that it was Ever who distanced herself from him and forced herself to be friends with Haven and Miles.  So, again, it makes no sense to me.

If anybody reading this read Evermore and can explain who the hell Brandon is to Ever, please do. Because I really can’t understand where the author goes with that character sometimes. For this review I’m going to say he’s her ex-boyfriend, even thought the quote I showed you contradicts this fact. Why? Because that’s the way the rest of the chapter is treating him.

So it turns out Brandon is dating Ever’s ex-friend Rachel. They were about to have sex just the other day, but didn’t. How do we know this in a first person narrative? Riley tells us.

She pauses long enough to laugh.

"I know I probably shouldn't repeat this, but let's just say
that Brandon did something very regrettable and extremely
embarrassing that turned out to be a major mood breaker.
You probably had to be there, but I'm telling you, it was
hilarious. I mean, don't get me wrong, he misses you and
all, even accidentally called her by your name once or twice,
but as they say, life goes on, right?"

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Riley is Ever’s 12 year old ghost sister. Said girl has been following her sister’s ex and stayed as she saw him do what I assume is surprise buttsex on his girlfriend as he called her sister’s name.  EEWW! No, just no. I’m pretty sure everyone has a list of people they don’t want to see having sex and somewhere on that list is your sister’s ex as he buttsexs your sister’s ex-friend while he calls your sister’s name. I even went and asked my sister’s and cousins a lighter version of this occurrence (an ex of mine and making out instead of buttsex) and none of them wanted tickets to that show. They are between 13-15 so they are around Riley’s age and mentality. From what I could get from their answer was that by getting my name called out it would bring images of me making out and it would be too weird to watch. So no, it’s not just me being “a prude” (which I’m not) or “asexual”.

Honestly, Noel, was there no other way to update on Brandon? I’m really baffled by this. And no, it’s not the sex as much as the who and why and the reactions that follows.

I can understand Riley going out and watching a couple having sex. As a ghost she must be wondering about what sort of life she would have had and those things she will never do. Have sex and make a family being popular desires that go unfulfilled once you die young.  But from the looks of it she didn’t do it because of any emotional need.

It looks more like spite towards the living, in this case her sister. She has been a bitch so far to her. Except that this doesn’t really work with me because of the sheer “WTF?!” that causes in me. Didn’t this gross her at all? Didn’t cause mental images of her sister getting rear-ended instead? Is her soul so twisted that the sex cries for her sister cause her glee now? Maybe that was the point of the author, but this looks to me like she wanted to update on Bandon while being edgy and ending with squick.

Ever agrees with me as she is weirded out by her sis and mad about the little comments, the bitchy attitude and… the updates on her previous friends? See, this is why I’m confused! Everyone else I know would have said “ex-boyfriend and friends” or something like that. She’s lumping Brandon with Rachel when her relationship with both was supposed to be different. Friend with benefits or boyfriend? Pick one and stick with it, Noel!

Ever then kicks Riley out and Riley agrees to go but before she does she says something completely evil:

I stare at Riley, daring her with my eyes to do something
stupid, something that will alert Sabine to all the truly
strange goings on around here. But she just smiles sweetly
and says, "Mom and Dad send their love," seconds before

I have to say, I really like that last line. Up until now Ever had asked a lot of times about her parents and Riley always ignored her. So I can’t imagine something meaner to say than that before puffing out. That makes sense to me coming from the spiteful ghost of your 12 year old sister. Way better than the unwanted sex scene.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time this is Shaolina signing out!

Edit: Riley is actually 12 years old. That really cranks the creep-o-meter up to a million.

(Chapter 7)

PS: A hurricane just passed here yesterday and my internet is still wonky. We are also getting another storm. I’ll post the other stuff during the weekend.

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