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(As spoiler-free as I can) This book so far is everything I ever ask of Terry Pratchett. Main character Tiffany Aching is smart and vivacious and beats a monster up with a frying pan. Have I ever said I have lots of love for unusual weaponry? The narration is quick and amusing and Miss Tick is pretty interesting so far. My only complaint is the insistent mention of the Chalk and how it sucks to raise witches. Yes, I get it already, can we move on?
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Man, the couple was cute. May I just give props to the author for using things like chemestry between the characters and personalities to stablish a romance. It's been my luck so far that all a couple needs to be together is lots and lots of smoldering.

I'll write a proper review later. But wow, this book was tiny.
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O'kay, how come nobody told me the YA section had good books? I don't know if it is my horrendous bad luck in this department that makes me like this book so much, but I do. It's not the best book out there, trust me, but it has many good qualities.

1) The main character is blessed with suck. I LOVE that trope. Unlike other female characters, she has something to overcome. She's not super girl, it is hard for her and we get to see the difficulties in full display instead of never addressing them or just glossing over them.

2) I don't want to punch Ella in the face. She's not perfect, but neither is she bitchy. Her voice is pretty normal and a nice change from the purple prose. Plus I love that when she met the prince she didn't drescribe him as a ¨smoldering adonis with a velvet walk that calls to the inner longings of her heart¨ Nope, we got freckles and curly hair. Although by his behavior I got that he was a very friendly fellow too (which is better than mysterious prick if you ask me)

3) The fact that magic is not to be used. I love it when a book describes the problems of using magic at leisure, it seems like most books need to think about that. Magic, like anything else, is something that should be use thoughtfully. That's Ella's problem: her fairy was not very thoughtful.

So far this book has been very cute and likeable. I don't like the route it's taking with the step family (not all steps- are evil, but oh well. Here's to hoping it's not so bad.


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