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In which we learn through exposition that Damen is a smoldering pile of perfection.


I dare anybody to find the point of this chapter.  )


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In which Damen invades Ever’s privacy, he annoys Ever at class for 2 pages, Haven joins a coven of vampires and I swear this is not Twilight fanfiction.


You know, I imagine Edward and Damen going out every Saturday to exchange stalking tips.  )


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In which we have a diner with the literary equivalent of a life size barbie and emotional development gets shot dead by lazy writing.



Whatever happen to developing a relationship between your characters? )


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In which Riley creeps the fuck out of me!


So is voyerism a normal hobbie for the ghost of a 14 year old middle class white girl? )

PS: A hurricane just passed here yesterday and my internet is still wonky. We are also getting another storm. I’ll post the other stuff during the weekend.

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In which we have a lunch scene with Haven and Miles just being wonderful.


I am Shaolina and I have a problem... )


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In which Haven has a fit over the possibility of Damen not show, then he just shows up and substitutes characterization with uber hotness.

I can honestly say I can't remember ever reading a chapter where 90% of the lines revolved around the hotness of one character. )


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In which Ever gives of exposition of her current living arrangements and relationship with her sister without actually showing us.


This is the musical edition )


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In which the love interest appears and everyone wants to hump him. Are you surprised?


All aboard the cashcow!  )
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"What? Evermore? Weren't you going to do House of Night and where's part 2 of The host?!"

Well gentle reader the answer to that is yes starting next week and I said I would post it tomorrow, didn't I? Somebody just linked me to the excerpt of this series and I just couldn't help myself. To be honest I needed this. This gives me the same feelings Bree Tanner gave me. It's bad guys, no lie, but I was laughing as I read on. I could so do a dramatic reading of this book and I can't hate things that make me laugh.

Tiny MST here )


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