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In which we meet other humans and the best scene ever happens.


I finally get a character I can root for. I wonder how long will that last. )


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In which two idiots get lost in the desert and almost die.


What do you mean repetition doesn't compensate for showing in a story? )


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In which Wanderer travels the desert and finds a deserted house.


Guess this week's special theme )


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In which Wanderer and Melanie travel through the desert.

Make sure to bring pillows )
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Sorry guys, but I'm super busy again. I couldn't do the whole thing in one sitting. But hey, something is something.

In this chapter Wanderer and Melanie go shopping and head out to the desert. Yeah, that's pretty much it. 

Here are the facts )


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In this chapter Wanderer decides to stop at Picacho Peak to rest who is on her way to Tucson. This causes Melanie to flashback and reveal that that’s where the guys are heading because that’s where Melanie’s cousin Sharon lives. Wanderer gets the info and is thinking what to do about that. The chapter ends with them in front of the place. The end. There, the plot of this chapter.

I want to take the rest of the space to Shaolina’s “It just bugs me” post about the host. But before even that, there’s something I need to do before I can move on with this series. 

Would anybody else here rather read a werewolf/human/vamp team humting giant bug aliens? )
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Welcome to another sporking of “This is not Twilight, I swear.” Shaolina is still in a stupid comma and Justin bailed so I’m all alone. In the last chapter we learned how souls have instinctive driving powers since Wanderer is driving to Tucson without ever taking a class, doing it slowly on a highway and is mind probing Melanie as she does so taking her into her memories. How she hasn’t crashed yet I don’t know. Now let’s see what this memory is all about.


Have you ever experienced deja vu while reading a book? )
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Justin: Hello crowd. I’m Justin with my friend Eliza and we‘re here to “riff“ this book chapter. Say hi Eliza.

Eliza: Whatever.

Justin: Now, I bet whoever is reading this is wondering “Where is Shaolina?” She’s a bit indisposed at the moment. She was given more work to deal with and a new deadline. She thought she would be done by Monday but turns out she won’t be done until Wednesday. That’s when her special project ends.

Eliza: Plus the wussy went to see that… air magician movie to take a break and is overacting like a bad 70s ripoff movie actor. Something about living in a world where eclipses are ok and those blue cat people suck monkey balls. Then some lake shows up and she wants to dump toxic waste on him. Look guys, I don’t know. Let’s just get this over with, I was promised a 5-meat sub and some chips.


Convo inside. )


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In which Wanderer gives a science class and the seeker offers Wanderer a career change.

I you excuse me, I have to watch season 2 of avatar to bring some of my joy back )
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Hope you guys don’t mind, but I have to split this chapter in half. Busy day today.

Anyway, on today’s part Wanderer visits her comforter to erase Melanie from exixtance. Comforter Kathy gives her some advice on how to deal with her.



Follow these easy steps )


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Yep, still can't recap this thing normally. I wonder if I can keep this thing up for the next 55 chapter.

So comforting... )
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This first half of this chapter is just confusing, and just when you think you have an idea of what's going on turns out you don't. May I just say how much the narration of this book annoys me? Here's how 75% of this chapter is:

It's adventure time! )

Let me know if the  game is too hard to read.
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In this chapter we have plot! I know, I'm shocked too. Who would have thought? It still annoyed me too much to give a normal recap. I wonder if it'll ever get to the point I will be okay with a chapter.

If souls went to livejournal... )
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In this chapter of the host, Wanderer, the soul, pretends to be asleep because she's scared and we get to hear the Seeker and the Healer bitchfight information at us.

So frustrating!  )
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The soul experiences the girl’s “attack” and fawns over an extremely handsome man (even though she’s an alien and thus have different perceptions of beauty!). The end. What? Nothing else happens and the narration is so weird in this chapter. 

Fine, I'll do something! )
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Yes, I decided on the host. Hopefully it will be funny in some way. Since this is so short, I decided to MST it. It's been a while since I did something like this. It was fun. Next ones will be sporks unless I come up with something else.
I believe Ford is as shallow as his name implies.  )
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