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... or is this the cutest thing ever? It's like Carl/Ellie in real life.

Edit: These are Carl/Ellie from Up

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A video every would be writer can appreciate:

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I got some of my resources back. While I won't be able to post some of the treats I had in mind, I did get some inspiration and resources for The Host. Spork will be up on the weekend.

And here's something that helped me cheer up and get up again. I dare you to not find this adorable:

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My computer still doesn't work, but I'm working hard on getting back my content. So, as a way to cheer me up I'm posting this little treat. This makes me almost pee my pants everytime I watch it. (Warning: Might be offensive to some people. I generally don't care about things like religion so I'm able to laugh it off.)
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In my defense this is my favorite one (and my first one too). Ah, nostalgia. I think I've gotten better. I still haven't figured out what I did to it that cut a tiny bit at the top and made it a bit grainy, the copy in my computer doesn't look like that. But it's still funny.

In alternative Twilight Bella has dated Edward for 2 years and has noticed that his behavior is very unusual. Her best friends come with two theories as to why depending on what they see and she tells them. Which one is correct? (Only the friend scenes and Bella thinking are in real time)

I have to say this movie made it real hard for me. Most of the actors seemed to be on valium and sometimes I needed explosions of emotions (I do thank Jessica for trying.) This song is from the musical Legally blond and roles are as follow:

Jessica: Elle Woods
Bella: Vivian
Eric: Warner
Mike: Callahan
Charlie: Emmet
Angela: Enid
Alice: Judge


I was bored

Jul. 1st, 2010 11:58 am
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I'm a huge musical fan and I suddenly felt like taking one of my favorites (Reefer Madness) and mix it with Twilight. Too bad Bella and Edward are so unemotional. I had the same problem with "There, right there!" I do like the "make lots of friends" part XD.


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