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I have to say I'm really loving this book for a YA novel.

Ella's stay at the finishing school was delightful. I like how the curse could be seen as an asset for easy learning besides as just a curse. Also I love Ella just finding ways of pissing people off.

But does Ella have any other interests besides pushing her curse to the limits? Yes, linguistics. Ella is a fucking linguist. Ella, you are speaking to my soul.

Also Hattie may have been a bitch, but she's a smart one. If everyone knew Ella's curse she would have to share.

So far this book is really awesome for its genre (and extremely cute to boot). Wonder if the movie is just as cute (No spoilers)

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The movie has its moments, but it suffers from being "modernized". There are rather modern songs in it ("Don't Go Breaking My Heart!") and a castle-like shopping mall. Ella and Char's relationship is a bit different, which is disappointing, but Cary Elwes is very hammy. XD

And that was one of the things I loved, Ella's clever ways of defying the curse to annoy people. She doesn't want to be perfect, she wants to be able to choose! ^_^


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