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A friend just gave me this book called Marked to read. Apparently it is part of a series called "The house of night." Now, I don't hang in the vampire pre-teen fangirl section of my bookstore and never did. While I love fantasy I just don't care for those type of love stories where they get together because plot says so and get torn appart because Romeo and Juliet never get old. Plus there so much whiny angst I can take before I stab the darn book... unless  it is Frankenstein's monster because he's made of awesome.  But you know, maybe I'm being unfair to the genre. I'm willing to say that and be a big person about it as soon as I find a good book.

So, as I said,  my friend gave me this book and told me "You'll love it, it's better than Twilight."  And hey, anything is bound to be better than Twilight. I've had more thrills from watching ants on the sidewalk than from reading that. Then again my friends so far have had horrible taste in books, but I have yet to take a book from her so she might be the exception to my rule. I'm hoping for good.

And no spoilers! I mean it! Either this will suck and I will tear it appart or this will be good and feel like I found the holy grail of vampire angsty teenage literature. What I will take are recommendations for books in the genre. Believe it or not, I do feel bad about shunning a whole genre just because of annoying covers, giggly fangirls  and some bad series. I read manga and that section has those same problems.

I will be updating the first chapter this week. I have two deadlines in Thursday so I'm thinking Friday. I will not ditch The host though. That I will finish no matter what (Well, unless I die that is).


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